Certified Good Bites

What earns a Certified Good Bite? (A CGB, if you will.)

It’s in the “you gotta try this” moments. The must-haves. The mouthful mumbled “ohmuhgawd.” The drooled-over dishes. The meals you talk about for days, weeks after.

For us, it’s two forks up and the notion that, if you had time for one meal in Nebraska and you wanted to knock it out of the park: this is that list.

The Speakeasy

Located in Sacramento, NE
CGB status earned October 2018 (our first ever!)
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The Stokin’ Goat

Located near 156th and Maple in Omaha
CGB status earned November 2018
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Pacific Eating House

Located near 132nd and Pacific
CGB status earned June 2020
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