SCBC: Join the Club

BONUS! Mutual Pick:

Saddle Creek Breakfast Club
1540 N Saddle Creek Rd
Fare: Brunch
Cost: $45 for two drinks and two meals
Reservations: Not accepted for less than 6 people. Limited seating, expect to wait.

Greetings, eaters and readers!

By now you know our routine: once a month, discover something new on the Omaha culinary scene. But a few weeks ago, we both wanted to just get out of the house and connect purely for “I wanna see your face!’ reasons. No need to juggle the pressures of critiquing while eating or taking pictures of every little thing. We just wanted to catch up with a friend.

So on a cold but sunny-ish Saturday in late January, we headed over to check out one of Omaha’s most buzzed about breakfast spots: Saddle Creek Breakfast Club (SCBC). But a funny thing happened along the way. We weren’t but a few bites into each of our plates when we looked at each other with a knowing gaze: we were going to have to tell the world about our experience at SCBC.

Schilling Hard Cider Mimosa – $9

We had heard and read to anticipate a bit of a wait, given the small, cozy structure of the SCBC. But good news: there’s complimentary coffee while you’re waiting. You can even order your starter mimosa or Bailey’s and coffee to enjoy while waiting. We must have timed something right because our wait time was only about 20 minutes and that was more than fine with us to finally get our taste buds on some of the most talked about breakfast foods in the area. After sitting down, we both ordered a Schilling Hard Cider Mimosa. Generous in size, it was a delightful compliment to our morning.

Eggs Benny – $10 | Sausage Add On – $3.50

Completely dizzy with all the delicious sounding options, and frozen with the threat of breakfast FOMO, Martha ordered the Eggs Benny because somewhere in the recesses of her mind, she swears a friend of hers had raved about the SCBC’s take. A warm plate of braised short rib, jalapeño jam, poached eggs, hollandaise and toasty English muffins landed on the table and Martha all but blacked out in the pure splendor of all the flavors. She added a side of sausage links at the server’s recommendation and was happy she did. After sharing the smallest of bites so that Jac understood herself, she devoured and loved every last morsel.

Cali Club – $9

Jac got the Cali Club: Fried egg, bacon, avocado, chipotle cream cheese, local cheddar and croissant. Like Martha, each bite was every bit as dreamy as the last. The bacon crispy. The avocado creamy. The croissant flaky. She was sad when it was gone.

Let it also be known that after trying Martha’s Eggs Benny, Jaclyn had real strong food envy. She vowed to get it next time.

Final Bites

Plain and simple: our accidental bonus find deserves your attention. Maybe we’re stating the obvious, but we see what the fuss is all about. And any Saturday where you have time to spare, the wait is worth it for you to discover the Saddle Creek Breakfast Club. We are so sure you’ll love it, we’re giving it our Certified Good Bite stamp of approval and moving it to the top of our list to recommend to anyone looking for a new breakfast spot.

Martha and Jaclyn

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