Hydes Slydes: 2023’s First Certified Good Bite

Martha’s Pick:

Hydes Slides
3505 S 42nd (Inside Grover Inn)
Fare: Burgers and Fries
Cost: $22 for two meals and one dessert
Reservations: Not needed

Greetings, Eaters and Readers!

Oops, we did it again. An impromptu outing turned into a blog-worthy moment. Looking to enjoy a casual Saturday together, Jaclyn and I ended up having lunch at Hydes Slydes…or the Grover Inn. Or…lunch in the Inn from Hydes Slydes.

Listen. It’s a bit confusing to explain but all you really need to remember is this: Hydes Slydes earns 2023’s first Certified Good Bite. Let’s tell you why and get to the good stuff…

French Dip Mac & Cheese Fries ($9) — Fries topped with creamy white mac and cheese and prime rib soaked in Au Jus

Earlier in the week, my Facebook feed fatefully highlighted a recent post in the ever-inspiring Omaha Food Lovers group. Someone had posted a picture of their own meal at Hydes Slydes – a heaping pile of french dip mac & cheese loaded fries. Say no more, look no more. I had to have them. For the last year, for reasons I can’t explain, I have had a lingering, constant craving for french dip sandwiches. They always sound good and I casually decided to try them all. And now here it was – a creation that combined a french dip with comfort favorites – fries and mac and cheese. Take my money.

Every bite of these was perfect. The fries were crispy – and never did get soggy. The meat was moist and flavorful. The mac and cheese had the right amount of zesty to hold its own but did not over power anything else. And the portion was more than generous. These loaded fries are a dream and an entire meal in their own right.

The Aksarben ($11) — Strawberry aioli, bleu cheese, bacon

One bite in, Jaclyn promptly stated, “Oh yeah, I made the right choice.”

It was the strawberry aioli that sold her. The sweet condiment worked really well with the bleu cheese and crispy bacon. Like, REALLY well. It wasn’t over-poweringly sweet and the pungent bleu cheese popped in a delightful savory difference with each bite. Perfecto!

Oh, and those hot, crispy fries were addicting, too.

Bread Pudding ($2)

Just as I turned to pay, my eyes spotted a pair of our two favorite words partially erased on a chalkboard: bread pudding. And as fate would have it, they had one serving left.

Do you even have to ask? Of course we got it.

Arriving on our table not too many bites into our main meals, we didn’t wait to stick our forks in it. Topped with brown sugar and swirly cinnamon baked into the bread pieces, it hit our tastebuds just right.

Final Bites

Congratulations, Hydes Slydes, we are delighted to give you a Certified Good Bite!

From the fast, friendly service to the jaw-dropping food, we couldn’t ask for a better experience. We love that Hydes gets creative with their menu – and we didn’t wait long to come back.

We returned to this newly discovered gem six days later to eat the same things. Just as fast, just as delicious.

Then Jaclyn went the day after that to show someone else what they’ve been missing. She got “The Snoop” wrap – which was packed with honey-glazed fried chicken, jalapeño jam, bacon, greens and a syrup-dipped waffle. (Sorry, no picture. She was too hungry to think about it.) It was crispy, sweet, savory and her (our) only regret is that we didn’t try Hydes Slydes Sooner!

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