Pre-Blog Visits

We’d hate to deprive you of the last year and a half of our new food adventures. So here’s a list of pre-blog reviews.

For now, our rating system is as follows, in the theme of ‘two thumbs up’ –

Fork Up: Love it
Fork Down: Hate it
Fork Sideways: Take it or leave it

Jim & Jenny’s

Jaclyn ate: Lamb Gyro & Baklava. Fork Up.
Martha ate: Chicken Gyro and an appetizer that involves setting cheese on fire. Fork up!

Twisted Cork

Jaclyn ate: Nebraska Corn Soup. Fork Down
Martha ate: 
The Best Burger in Nebraska (as proclaimed by their menu). And it just might actually be. Fork up.

Le Voltaire

Jaclyn ate: Escargot, Brie w/ Apricot-Cranberry Chutney & Ratatouille. Fork Down.
Martha ate: 
Beef Cheeks and Escargot. Sideways fork. (I think I did French food all wrong.)

Block 16

Jaclyn ate: Duck Duck Goose Fries & Big House Salad. Fork Up.
Martha ate: 
Croque Garcon burger and Gangsta Fries. Fork Up.


Jaclyn ate: Blue Crab Cakes, Mac and Cheese w/ Ham and Peas & Bread Pudding. Fork Sideways.
Martha ate: 
Whiskey chicken and Idaho mashers. Crab cakes, Bread pudding. Fork up.

Mouth of the South

Jaclyn ate: Crab Dip & Lobster Roll w/ Remoulade. Fork Up.
Martha ate: 
Kickin’ Chicken Pasta, crab dip and chips. Fork up.

Dundee Dell

Jaclyn ate: Fried Dill Pickles & Fish ‘N Chips. Fork Sideways.
Martha ate: Fish N Chips. One bite of Fried Pickle. Fork up on the main course. I hate pickles.


Jaclyn ate: Cookies and Cream. Fork Up.
Martha ate: 
Taste of Maple ice cream. Fork Up.

Grand China Buffet

Jaclyn ate: Honey Sesame Chicken, Sushi & one very small bite of Frog Legs. Fork Sideways.
Martha ate: 
Buffett style. Including frog legs. Fork down.

Taj Kabob & Curry

Jaclyn ate: Vegetable Samosa, Chicken Tikka Masala & Naan. Fork Down.
Martha ate: 
I don’t remember exactly – but I remember liking it enough to go back. Sideways fork.

Pizza Ranch**

Jaclyn ate: Cheese Pizza, Breadsticks, Blueberry Dessert Pizza. Fork Sideways.
Martha ate: 
The pizzas, the potatoes and gravy. Fork up.
**Jaclyn had never been, Martha had.

Hu Hot**

Jaclyn ate: Kielbasa Stir Fry. Fork Up.
Martha ate: 
Noodles and chicken. And 7 ladles of spicy because I’m stupid. Fork up.
**Jaclyn had never been, Martha had.

Le Peep

Jaclyn ate: Nutella Crepes. Fork Up.
Martha ate: 
Monte Cristo Crepes. Fork up. (New favorite breakfast place.)

Bella Vita 

Jaclyn ate:  Red Sangria, Spinach and Artichoke Dip & Alfredo Crisp Bread. Fork Up.
Martha ate: 
**whistles…looks around…can’t find her notes on this one**

New Gold Mountain

Jaclyn ate: Sesame Chicken. Fork Up.
Martha ate: 
Chicken and snow peas in garlic sauce. Dumplings. Fork up.


Jaclyn ate: Waffle Fries, Rueben & Bread Pudding. Fork Up.
Martha ate:
 Roast beef sandwich, bread pudding. Fork up.

Bohemian Cafe (Permanently Closed)

Jaclyn ate: Salisbury Steak, Dumplings & Kolache. Fork Down.
Martha ate: 
Meat and a gravy. Italian wine. Bread. Yes to the wine. Fork Down everything else.

Donut Stop

Jaclyn ate: Bear Claw and Glazed. Fork Up.
Martha ate: 
Maple donuts. Two of them. Fork Up.


Jaclyn ate: Waffle Fries, Cucumber Sandwich & Nutella-Pecan Croissant Bread Pudding. Fork Up.
Martha ate: 
**still whistling…still looking…** I remember loving the food. Fork Up?

We’ll Smoke You

Jaclyn ate: The Carolina — pulled pork w/ cole slaw. Fork Sideways.
Martha ate: 
A sandwich. Good flavor – but cold by the time I sat down. Sideways Fork.


Jaclyn ate: Lamb Gyro and Baklava. Fork Up.
Martha ate: 
Chicken Gyro, greek potato. Fork Up.

Louie’s Wine Dive

Jaclyn ate: White Sangria, Blue Fin Crab Poutine and White Chocolate Bread Pudding. Fork Up.
Martha ate: 
Same as Jaclyn plus Squeeky Cheese Curds. Fork Up.

Martha and Jaclyn