About the Writers

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Martha lives in Bellevue with her 20 pound cat, Edgar “Edpurr” Allan Paw and her 5 pound fierce pupper Virginia “Ginny” Woof. Her life is pretty boring but she thinks of herself as a doting aunt, experience enthusiast, a reader, a writer, an eater and – equally as important as all of the above – an Iowa State Cyclone fan.

Jaclyn lives in Omaha with her kitty cat Sookie. A Copywriter by day and Netflix binger by night, Jaclyn can also be found playing board games, browsing bookstores, laughing at memes and more often than not – wishing she was at home with her cat.

About eight years ago, in the deodorant aisle of a local grocery store, Martha and Jaclyn pretended to work. In reality, they were quickly realizing and taking note of all the ways they were meant-to-be friends.

  • Birthdays are a day apart
  • Black cats
  • English majors and word nerds
  • Affinity for rainy days
  • Affection for Mark Wahlberg
  • Pride cries
  • Speaking in accents
  • Trypnoooothanks (see: Trypnophobia)
  • and more
  • and more
  • and more
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Spirit Sistahood forged and blooming, they created the idea of New Food Fridays (NFF) after their careers took them out of the grocery store and into different directions. Equal parts an excuse to regularly see each other and a way to explore local menus – NFF quickly became a highlight for them and for their friends and family who always wanted to know where to next?!

This blog is a coffee-fueled attempt to share those experiences with friends, family and – hopefully – a growing circle of experience enthusiasts throughout the Good Life state.

The best byproduct of their eating and sharing – and always at the heart of their hope for this blog – is when someone says “Me and my BFF/significant other want to start checking out new places, too! Your foodventures have inspired us to do so!”

But they’re also here for restaurants who want to feed them so that they write about them.

And editors who want to give them a book deal.

And maybe the Travel Channel or HGTV who want to pay them to live their best life and eat all the things all over the world. (Dreams, y’all!)


-The Good Bite gals, Martha and Jaclyn

(Unless you’re looking at this picture below, then it’s Jaclyn and Martha.)