Sauced by Alfaro: Here’s to You, Omaha Food Lovers

Jaclyn’s Pick:

Sauced by Alfaro
115 N Washington St (Papillion)
Fare: American
Cost: $35 for one appetizer and two meals
Reservations: Not available (as far as we could tell)

Greetings, Eaters and Readers!

Omaha Food Lovers is a force of nature. If you post it, they will come.

Sauced by Alfaro originally opened in Louisville, NE. And followers of the popular foodie Facebook group quickly caught on to the critically acclaimed dishes being served 30 minutes outside of Omaha. They came in droves.

According to Omaha World Herald, owner Michelle Alfaro credits Omaha Food Lovers for her success. When the lease was up in her Louisville kitchen, she spotted a new location closer to home in Papillion. It’s been hopping ever since – and we had to try it.


When we walked in, the employee at the counter greeted us with a friendly smile. We told her this was our first visit, and she explained that we had a few options for dining in. We could choose one of the few tables by the window, grab a seat in the back patio, or hop next door to the wine bar. Choosing the latter, Martha and I ordered our food and grabbed a table at Twisted Vine.

Earlier in the day, I had noticed Sauced by Alfaro posted a message asking patrons to be aware they were short staffed. We’ve seen that just about everywhere these days, so we get it. Noted.

Despite expecting a decent wait, we started to wonder if they forgot about us when an hour and fifteen minutes passed. Grabbing the attention of a server, we were assured our meals were coming soon. They did – and we’re here to tell you it was worth the wait.

Loaded Waffle Fries ($10.95) – crispy waffle fries, seasoned and loaded with white queso blend, crispy bacon, green scallions and sour cream

If she’s honest, Martha says she felt lukewarm towards the loaded waffle fries. We understand why they come in the container they do (many of the orders have to travel from Alfaro’s to Twisted Vine, so a sturdy container with a lid makes it easy to table AND easy to go home).

However, it turned this app into a bit of a pile that, as cheese and toppings cool, was a bit of a congealed lump to work through. The top pieces were probably the best – and the crispiest – before Martha gave up and waited for her wings. All of this to say, Martha knows the quality is there and she thinks she’d enjoy them more in a traditional setting – on a plate, spread out and evenly fresh.

Thai Sweet Chili Wings ($8.79)

I took one bite of a wing, but my weenie tastebuds couldn’t handle the heat. Good thing for Martha, she fairs better with a bit of spice. If there’s one thing we remembered people raving about, it was Alfaro’s wings. And Martha could see why. Very hot and fresh when they (finally) hit the table, Martha enjoyed the crispy, sticky wings. She typically prefers her wings char buffed and double dipped – but she enjoyed every bite of these.

The wings are worth the trip to Papillion – but if our wait time is any indication – make sure you’re ready to enjoy two or three drinks while you wait.

Bourbon Honey Mustard Crispy Chicken Sandwich ($14.95)

A special on the menu the evening of our visit, the honey mustard and crispy chicken combo had my attention. The last item to hit our table, I was relieved to bite into a hot, crispy sandwich. Admittedly, I could have gone without the mustard seeds. But everything else was spot on. The sauce was sweet and zingy – pairing well with the crispy bites of chicken. The fries of course were good, too.

Final Bites

Were there a few mishaps along the way? Sure. The okay appetizer. The fairly delayed arrival of our meal. But we’re sympathetic to the short staff and high demand for this highly sought-after joint.

So we judge Sauced by Alfaro not by today’s struggle in the restaurant biz, but by the (mostly) delicious food we put in our mouths.

We wish the friendly staff at Sauced continued success – and with two forks up, we’re happy to say we’ll be back.

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