Alpine Inn: Chicken! Raccoons! Cats? Oh My!

Jaclyn’s Pick:

Alpine Inn
10405 Calhoun Rd
Fare: Fried chicken
Cost: $25 for two chicken dinners
Reservations: Not needed

Greetings, Eaters and Readers!

If you’re like us and have never been to Alpine Inn, even though you’ve lived in Omaha for a hot minute … join us, won’t you? Yes, we’re a little ashamed to admit it took us this long to finally try this staple tucked in the winding roads of Ponca Hills. But here we are.

As you might already know, you come to Alpine Inn for the chicken and stay for the raccoons. We told the server when we walked in that it was our first time here. And the service that followed was excellent. Wanting to give us the full experience, she suggested we move tables once another couple left the primo spot to watch the raccoons and kitties eat their dinner. There are 3 tables by the windows that offer optimal views, and we were glad we got there early enough to get one (around 4:30).

Chicken Dinner ($12.50) — Breast, thigh, wing and leg

To no one’s surprise, we ordered what they’re known for: fried chicken. The prices still seem very reasonable considering the world is dealing with inflation. All meals come with potato wedges, which you can substitute french fries or onion rings for an up charge. We both had regular french fries. Each meal also comes with choice of the mac salad or coleslaw.

The chicken was incredibly hot and fresh, as were the fries. Our server offered a variety of dipping sauces – and the ranch, hot sauce and honey mustard were all solid choices. The only thing we weren’t impressed with was the side of macaroni salad. It’s a bit small and is just your standard mac salad.

Of note: after Martha told her parents about our visit, they ventured down from Sioux City to check it out for themselves. The Alpine Inn is close to Martha’s sister and Al & LaDonna consider themselves chicken dinner connoisseurs. They couldn’t say enough about the potato wedges. They said it was an entire quartered potato – and piping hot. Noted – we’ll have to try those next time!

Final Bites

All in all, we loved the experience more than we originally anticipated. On the drive over, we chuckled a bit at the thought of what passes as “watching the wildlife” to city dwellers. But as soon as we grabbed our window seat and started watching all the plump raccoons (and kittens!) scurrying about and waiting for their own dinner, we were nothing short of thoroughly entertained. Our server told us they usually throw the chicken and meat scraps for the critters to feast upon. After our visit, we could see why everyone – and every critter – shows up en masse for a meal at the Alpine Inn.

The Good Bite Gals

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