B&B Classic Dogs: Big and Beefy in Bellevue

Jaclyn’s Pick:

B&B Classic Dogs
1020 Lincoln Rd, Bellevue
Fare: Gourmet hot dogs
Cost: Average of $5.50 per hot dog
Reservations: Not needed

Greetings Eaters and Readers!

This month I wanted to try something in Martha’s neck of the woods. Just 5 minutes down the road from her place is a wholesome family restaurant, B&B Classic Dogs. One look at the menu and we were both all sorts of jazzed about naming it our April destination.

Open since 2013 and named after two beautiful doggos, Birdie and Bogie, B&B Classic Dogs offers over 25 different gourmet hot dogs. Choosing which ones to try was difficult, they all sounded so good! So we brought an extra mouth along to help us out. Martha’s friend Traci (who I’ve also latched onto and claim!), was visiting from Minnesota and was happy to assist us in our time of need.

Top Left: Zay Zay’s & Seattle | Top Right: PBB & Buffalo Bacon | Bottom: Bleu Cheese Bacon & Some Mitch

To make sure everyone got a bite before focusing on their own dogs, we took one bite of each and passed our baskets all the way around the table. If, like us, you want to experience as many crazy hot dog flavors as you can — to really dive in and find what you like best — we recommend visiting B&B’s with like-minded, wiener-loving friends and do the same.

My Dogs

Zay Zay’s Chili Cheese —  This dog was your classic chili cheese with a slight zing in the chili sauce. I was expecting this one to be a little spicier than it was, but I loved it anyway.

B&B’s Seattle — Cream cheese? Good. Grilled onions? Good. Together on a hot dog? Yes please! I definitely liked this creation.

Martha’s Dogs

Both of Martha’s wieners offered such strong flavor notes that they come with their own learning curve. If you bite into the Buffalo Bacon first – which Martha did – your taste buds are too overwhelmed to adequately taste anything else. When she followed up with her second bite, this one from the PBB dog, she couldn’t taste anything. Before passing her basket, she recommended her fellow Wienerville visitors do the reverse: PBB then Buffalo. It seemed to do the trick to let all flavors stand on their own.

Buffalo Bacon — This bacon-wrapped and fried dog came with the essence of a hot wing partnered with everyone’s favorite: bacon. Martha thought it was delicious.

PBB – Drizzled with creamy peanut butter and laid aside a slice of bacon, this dog’s tasty trick is to play on the sweet and salty notes that it’s ingredients offer. We all thought it could use a wee drizzle of jelly, but loved it all the same!

Traci’s Dogs

Bleu Cheese Bacon —  As a Bleu cheese fan, Traci expected to be fully in love with that hot dog and she almost didn’t care what her second dog was. Seriously, can you go wrong with Bleu cheese, bacon and onions? No. You can’t. But, while enjoyable, the Bleu cheese didn’t come through as much as the bacon, and she felt like grilled (“caramelized” for fanciness) onions could have been a better choice than the battered-and-fried ones. Overall, still a solid dog.

Some Mitch — This mac and cheese dog was surprisingly good. The mac and cheese on
its own could come off as a little bland, but it was the perfect amount of unseasoned to complement the salty hot dog and tangy BBQ sauce. As a whole, it was a delightful flavor montage.

Favorite Dogs

Mine — B&B’s Seattle
Martha — Buffalo Bacon
Traci — Some Mitch

Sweet Potato Fries & Marshmallow Cream Sauce

Martha ordered a side of sweet potato fries that we all tasted and the owner threw in a complimentary melty marshmallow sauce to go with it. Like everything else, the fries came to the table hot and the marshmallow sauce was the perfect sweet to all of the salty flavors on the table.

We ordered six crazy dogs and we didn’t feel like we waited long at all for them to get to our table. The Nathan’s products they use in all of their creations aren’t your piddly Oscar Mayer wieners: they are good sized and have great flavor. As if we didn’t enjoy our trip enough – B&B offers a decent arcade for proper-aged kids and overgrown kids alike (See: US!). We dropped a few quarters on Skee Ball, Galaga and Ms. Pac-Man and we snapped a few shots with the giant Wiener that greets all eaters. And while some of the games are loud, there is an aptly named Sanity Room that is just portioned off enough to let adults sit and maintain conversation without screaming or getting a headache from the Whac-A-Mole machine.

Totally and sincerely: we loved everything B&B Classic Dogs had to offer on our inaugural trip. To drive it home, we’d like to say we give it three wieners way up…but this is a family blog so…three forks up it is: for overall experience, for warm food and short wait, for tasty, creative creations, for family atmosphere and offerings – we could go on and on. It’s a unique, well-rounded experience we had no idea existed in the greater Omaha area. We highly recommend anyone looking for a mold-breaking, family friendly option head to Bellevue and check out B&Bs. And if you’re feeling so kind, let us know. We’ll join you!


Martha, Jaclyn and Minnesota Traci

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