Fizzy’s: Fun Retro Spot Takes You to a Simpler Time, But With Pizzazz

Mutual Pick:

Fizzy’s Fountain & Liquors
1408 S 13th St (Little Bohemia)
Fare: Cocktail bar & bites
Cost: $50 for two drinks and 4 bites
Reservations: Accepted for parties of 7+

Greetings, Eaters and Readers!

Have you been to Little Bohemia lately? We hadn’t until recently. And little did we know it’s slowly but surely growing into its own hip hang out. The quaint neighborhood boasts charming storefronts such as the Omaha Dog Bar, Beercade II and Archetype Coffee.

If you remember, the staple to this corner of town was the long-standing Bohemian Cafe. But since its closing in 2016, Infusion Brewing Company and Fizzy’s Fountain & Liquors decided to each take a half.

Straight out of the 50s, Fizzy’s is a boozy fountain shop featuring ice cream cocktails and floats, house cocktails and handful of bites.

After nearly escaping the Toom of Doom at House of Conundrum one Saturday night, we made the short jaunt to our evening’s foodventure. After passing some retro vinyl booths before taking our seats at the window and assessing the menu, we picked up the table phone to put in our order.

Blue Hawaiian Slushee ($10) – rum, vodka, blue caracao, pineapple, coconut, house sour
Paloma Anderson ($9) – tequila, lime, grapefruit cream soda, bitters

There were so many delicious drinks to choose from, we went back and forth before landing on these. Both of them were strong, which helped our minds with the tall price for such small drinks. We liked them well enough, but are definitely excited to try some others.

Gravy Cheese Fries ($10) – sausage gravy, white cheddar, fresh herbs, fried egg

They may not have called this dish ‘poutine,’ but Martha couldn’t pass up trying their gravy-covered fries. If we are honest, we were underwhelmed as soon as they hit the table. The menu did not mention the hot sauce on the menu and, since we knew we would be sharing everything, it’s something we would have wanted to know up front. Even at the start, the plate of fries was a dry, overcooked pile of ‘meh.’ The fries were too small and the gravy was thick and goopy. We hardly put a dent in these and were eager for the rest of our plates to roll out.

Pimento Cheese Frenchee ($12) – broccolini, roasted peppers, hot pepper jelly

Not normally a huge fan of frenchees, Jaclyn decided to give theirs a try because of the hot pepper jelly. And while the jelly was good, it wasn’t worth the whole sandwich. There really is such a thing as too much fried. The coating on the outside took away from the pimento cheese insides. She only ate one corner, feeling underwhelmed with her choice.

Side mac n’ cheese ($4)

At that last minute, we threw this little bowl of mac n’ cheese onto our order. And we’re glad we did because it was both our favorite thing we ate. The radiatori were a fun noodle choice, as each bite had all the gooey cheeses in every nook and cranny. The portion could be a little bigger or maybe they can add a full-size order option to the menu. Either way, we were closely watching the other’s forkfuls – making sure we each got our share. *Chef’s kiss!*

Pigs in a Blanket ($7) – big smokies, hot mustard

We don’t remember exactly why we threw these on the order, but it was a good choice. Save for the fact we were both getting full from our drinks and snacking on the rest of our options, these piggies were hot, flavorful and wrapped in deliciously flakey croissant blankets.

Final Bites

We learned a few things during our inaugural visit to the emerging Little Bohemia neighborhood and Fizzy’s. First – you’re going and paying for the atmosphere and vibe more than anything else. On the food front – we felt there were as many misses as there were hits. The unique experience is worth the trip, as are their uniquely crafted cocktails.

Is Fizzy’s suddenly our new favorite go-to? No. But would we recommend it to anyone looking for something new and different to try? Absolutely.

Ultimately, the food just wasn’t good enough to tilt us upward, but the atmosphere was. So we give Fizzy’s two forks sideways.

The Good Bite Gals

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