The Galley: From Their Kitchen to Yours

Jaclyn’s Pick:

The Galley
4963 Center St.
Fare: Sandwiches, Pizza, Wings
Cost: $60 for one appetizer and two meals
Reservations: Takeout only

Greetings, eaters and readers!

I’ve driven by The Galley – a tiny brick building near the corner of 50th and Center – more times than I can count.

“That’s a cool graphic. I need to look that up,” I kept telling myself until I finally did.

A quick internet search showed me picture after picture of mouthwatering sandwiches, pizzas, wings and more. So I made a mental note to give it a try – and what better way to serve up thoughts than right here?

Martha texted earlier in the evening that she was starving – having had a late breakfast, skipped lunch and was practically wasting away at her desk as she counted down to our foodventure.

After rediscovering her love for French Dip sandwiches on a recent trip, Martha vowed to seek them out more often. Needless to say, she was delighted to see it on the menu.

I hadn’t realized The Galley was takeout only when I picked it for this month’s eatery, which was disappointing for a blog experience, but not enough to write it off, of course.

Korean BBQ Wingys ($21)

Martha arbitrarily chose a Korean BBQ sauce for her order of wingys because it fell somewhere on the safe end of the spicy scale. When she got the food back to my apartment and opened the container, we were both impressed with the size of the wings and the amount of sauce. Details that help with the $21 price.

Martha mentioned they were maybe the hottest, freshest part of the order because the cook pulled them out of the fryer last thing before boxing everything up. That being said, every bite of what we ordered was hot, fresh and delicious.

French Dip Sammie ($13) | Side Fries ($3)

Martha enjoyed one wing (to capitalize on that freshness) and then focused almost entirely on her delicious French dip. She loved the altering bites of crunchy and soft. Stacked with a generous amount of moist, warm, thinly sliced beef and just the right amount of provolone – it reinforced her decision to hunt down yumalicious French dip sammies. The French fries were also warm and crispy – worth the extra $3.

Italian Stallion Sammie ($11) | Side Fries ($3)

This toasty sandwich came with salami, hot capicola, pepperoni, mozzarella, roasted red peppers, olive oil and balsamic. All the right elements were present: Crunchy, melty, hot and fresh. All the nods to a good sandwich.

I do have a few critiques, though. I couldn’t really taste the balsamic like wanted to, which could be fixed with a reduction glaze in place of vinegar. And I would have loved to see some leafy greens in the mix. Lastly, the olive oil pooled near the underbelly of the sandwich in the takeout box, making it unpleasantly soggy.

Small knocks aside, I really enjoyed this sandwich.

Final Bites

Martha admits she got masterfully up-sold on nearly everything the restaurant asked her about: Fries? Yes please. ($3 additional charge). For both of you? Yes. How about cheese on the French Dip? Yes. ($1. Worth it.) So if the prices alarm you, fret not. Keep in mind that most chicken and beef products are experiencing an increase in pricing due to shortages – so don’t be mad, or at least expect the sticker shock when you order something like wings.

We wish we could’ve dined in for optimal presentation, but The Galley touts their philosophy that “food should be a dining experience, not a dining drag.” Even so, we’re still happy to recommend this cozy joint on the corner for your next takeout run. And given how close I live, I’m certain I’ll be giving their pizza and calzones a try in the near future.

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Feature image credit: The Galley
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