Sebastian’s Table: A Journey of Tasteful Endurance

Martha’s Pick:

Sebastian’s Table
8340 Glynoaks Dr. #100, Lincoln
Fare: Tapas
Cost: $65 for two drinks and two 5-course tastings
Reservations: Not needed for our late morning Saturday visit

Some time before the scorching days of June, Jaclyn and I agreed it was time to get out of Omaha for a blog and foodventure. We’re hunting down Good Bites from the whole state, right? A Saturday spent in Lincoln seemed like a good idea. After asking for some suggestions and doing some research on our own, we planned to brunch, shop, explore, mid-day food truck excursion, a bit more exploring, ice cream, then home. The operative word in that sentence was planned.

My pick was Sebastian’s Table and we knew we’d start our day there. What we didn’t know was how much food we’d be getting. Knowing Sebastian’s specialized in tapas, we figured we would divide and diversify our orders so we could taste as much of the menu as possible. And then Joe, our server, handed us the menu and we saw that the Breakfast Tasting Menu was only $23 and essentially let us tour all the yummy tapas we already had our eye on.

I ordered a mimosa, my niece Gwen ordered her French toast and sausage, and Jaclyn and I settled in to enjoy.

Mimosa ($6)

I enjoyed two refreshing glasses while the other brunch novices stuck to water. I only wish I had noticed the Bellini as an option, as they are my favorite. But this mimosa was delightful all the same. And what is brunch without a mimosa?!

Course 1: Seasonal Fruit & Cornbread

Assuming you know what fruit tastes like, we’ll jump right into these two squares of moist, fluffy starters. With a swipe of orange marmalade, the honey-sweet bites of cornbread took us all but 30 seconds to consume. Crispy on the top and bottom and soft in the middle – we think every brunch should start with perfectly warm cornbread like this.

Course 2: Patatas Bravas, Spanish Eggs & Bacon

The first two courses were perfectly portioned. It was three plates of all the breakfasty items you’d want to see – but with Spanish flair.

The bacon was cooked nearly perfect for our taste (we know, some like it darker/crispier). It had just a hint of the saffron maple syrup, but nothing overpowering.

While we initially thought almonds on eggs were odd, I actually quite liked it. Jaclyn didn’t, so I had the eggs to myself.

And with the Patatas Bravas – think Spanish smashed potatoes. They were generously seasoned with all the things: dukkah (mix of nuts/seeds/warm spices), brava sauce (spicy Spanish tomato sauce) and Manchego aioli. We really enjoyed the crispy-crunchy experience of the Patatas.

Course 3: Rosemary Brussels Sprouts & Spanish Crepe

Neither of us are a fan of Brussels sprouts, but we’ll always give them a try … juuuust in case our taste buds changed. And even though these were surrounded in maple syrup, rosemary, bacon, and candied pecans – we didn’t love them. Personally, if I’m going to suffer through sprouts, they need to be crispy, crispy and then crispy some more. All the toppings were on point, though! That being said, don’t take our word for it – we’re sure sprout lovers would enjoy these.

The Spanish Crepe – which was subbed for the Spanish Tortilla that day – came stuffed with egg, bacon, sausage, onion, Brussels sprouts and topped with hollandaise. Boy, if there was a dish ever so savory, this crepe creation was it. After we picked out some of the larger sprouts, each of us had no problem finishing off this part of the course.

Course 4: Biscuits and Gravy, Chicken Fried Steak & Sausage

Without a doubt, this was our favorite course. Call us ‘Murican for loving the non-Spanish tapa the most, but we bet dollars to donuts the Spaniards would agree. Well, maybe not. But ya’ll, this crispy steak covered in sausage gravy was phenomenal. And coupled with the saffron rosemary maple syrup-drizzled sausage links … chef’s kiss!

The biscuits, we could take or leave. They felt underwhelming, but with all the yummy distractions next to it – we didn’t mind.

Course 5: Almond French Toast

At last, we arrived at our last course: a brioche French toast topped with orange curd, toasted almonds and whipped cream. My niece Gwen had ordered her own plate of the French toast and said she loved it after her first bite. So, we were excited for this plate to arrive.

And what a heavenly bite it was. As full as we were, we couldn’t let this French toast of our dreams go to waste. So we channeled our inner Adam Richman (queue the fight bell) and soldiered on.

We would gladly – GLADLY – go back just for this course.

402 Creamery: My Batter Half, The S’More the Merrier & Cinnamon Snickerdoodle

I have a hard time NOT ordering anything with the word batter in it’s title. So as soon as I saw the description of My Batter Half, I stopped looking. This seasonal flavor boasts vanilla ice cream with brownie pieces, Oreo gravel and brownie batter swirl.

Sometimes you never know what ONE scoop looks like at different ice cream shops. Well, lesson learned. I asked for two scoops and couldn’t finish it. I should probably blame the tapas for that, but still. Considering I paid about $9 for my waffle cone and scoops, I wish I COULD have finished it. Delicious and completely stacked with flavor – I recommend this choice and 402 Creamery in general – so yum!

Jaclyn got a split cup of The S’More the Merrier and Cinnamon Snickerdoodle. The former – a graham cracker-infused ice cream with a chocolate swirl, graham cracker crunch and toasted marshmallow topping – was her favorite of the two. But the sweet, warm cinnamon ice cream with homemade snickerdoodle cookie was almost equally as pleasing.

Final Bites

Ultimately, we loved almost everything we put in our mouths during our time in Lincoln. Some people just feel bad we didn’t have tummy room to explore MORE. Me. I’m some people. I told Jaclyn I owe her another fun Saturday trip to the LNK so we can explore some of her picks and more of what the city has to offer. If Sebastian’s Table is any indication, our fair capital has plenty of gems to offer.

What’s your favorite Lincoln food find?

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