Saints Pub + Patio: All Treat, No Tricks

Greetings Eaters and Readers!

This month’s pick was:
Saints Pub + Patio
4915 N 120th St
Fare: American pub with something for everyone
Cost: $40 for drinks, two appetizers, dinner and shared dessert.
Reservations: Not needed, the place is huge.

Saints Pub + Patio was on both of our lists of places to try because of its location and hearing good things ever since it opened. Formerly the Loose Moose in the Roanoke subdivision, Saints was a neighborhood pick that both Martha and Jaclyn drove by numerous times.

If our experience at Big Red left us wanting, Saints more than delivered. It feels like a reliable option for being “the usual” where one could plan to meet friends and family. Start to finish – we enjoyed almost everything Saints had to offer – from our honest and knowledgeable server to the food and atmosphere. Ample seating options, including a waterfront deck and large garage door windows perfect for the weather-friendly Nebraska months; a large stage for bands and a grand offering of TVs for the sports-inclined, but without force feeding it to those who are there just to chat and enjoy company.



Jaclyn almost went with a Pineapple Mojito, but the waitress said “No” without hesitation. That one would be gross. Got to love the honesty. Instead, Jaclyn chose a Strawberry Patch Mule ($8), which had Svedka strawberry lemonade, strawberry purée, lime juice and ginger beer. It was a crisp, cold perfect match to the taste buds.


Martha asked about specials before deciding. She doesn’t remember the exact order of words but she heard “double the size” and “but cheaper” and she stopped listening. She went with a Double Original Margarita ($10). Delicious.


IMG_2129 (1)

Martha and Jaclyn had their eyes on different appetizers this time around – with which they have no problem. That just means they get to taste more of the menu. Jaclyn went with the BBQ Chicken Flatbread ($9); Martha went with the Giant Pretzels ($9) with beer cheese queso dip.

The pretzels were big, warm and soft; everything they should be. The cheese was a solid compliment – not too spicy, not too thick and with good flavor –  but nothing crazy or innovative about it. One pretzel went straight in the take-home box to save room for the courses ahead and it was just as yumsoftwarmdelcious Saturday afternoon.

The flatbread was topped with barbecue sauce, mozzarella, grilled onions, scallions and chicken. Even though it’s located on the appetizer menu, this pizza is sizable enough to serve as a main course. Jaclyn enjoyed enough to get a taste of it and know that it was good, but stopped to save room for what was next.


Fresh off the heals of a trip to her Northern Stomping Grounds of Minnesota – Martha couldn’t pass up the chance to have a local version of the Jucy Lucy. (Juicy Lucy on the Saints menu. Check out more details on the Original experience on the Just Marth page – coming soon!) Though it may cause her to receive some ire from her MN friends and family, Martha quite enjoyed Saints’ offering. (Imitation = flattery, right?) And since Jaclyn had never been presented the opportunity to get a Juicy Lucy, ordering one was an easy choice.

Saints’ version was stuffed with White American cheese and Worcestershire sauce and topped with mayo, lettuce, tomato, pickle and onion. It took a few bites into the burger before hitting the gooey, cheesy center, but once you got there, it oozed delicious flavor down the sides.  Marth and Jac agree – chasing cheese around is a good problem to have.

For a $1 upcharge, we both got the sweet potato fries as our side. They had a fun cut and tasty seasoning that paired nicely in our side of ranch.



Perhaps the only draw back to Saints menu is the limited dessert selection. And by limited we mean there is only one option: Fried Donuts ($3).

Arriving at the table in a white pastry bag, Martha envisioned New Orleans’ amounts of powdered sugar and fried dough. Tearing into the bag, we discovered 6 tiny balls of fried dough, generously coated in sugar and cinnamon. Think: popable versions of a churro. Warm and kind of yum – but underwhelming. The dessert menu could use some TLC.

Fork Rating


Martha and Jaclyn

P.S. We like to meet at a variety of coffee shops to get our creative juices flowing. We’ll try to give a shout-out to these places in case you care.

This blog was fueled by Karma Koffee. French Toast and Honey Bee lattes were consumed. Worth your time to swing by.

Feature Image Credit: Saints Pub + Patio

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