B&G Tasty Foods: A Trip Back in Time

B&G Tasty Foods
7900 West Dodge
Fare: Diner Americana
Cost: A-la-cart menu ranging from $0.99 – $9.99. Our total was $25.
Reservations: Not needed

Sometimes our next NFF restaurant is on our radar for weeks.

Sometimes we drive by something quite by accident and add it to the list.

Sometimes, I fly by the seat of my pants and haven’t made a decision as of Thursday evening and Jaclyn texts or emails — requesting a decision so she knows where she’s headed after work on Friday.

That’s exactly what happened this week. Through gentle prodding and pushing, I landed on a recommendation that Jaclyn had picked up from a work conversation. After glancing at the website for a quick minute, I actually felt excited and eager to check this place out.

fullsizerender-3I’m a sucker for that extra back story and piece of history that connects an establishment to its community. B&G Tasty Foods has been an Omaha staple since 1953. You’ll find the full history on the back of the menu and it’s worth the read. B&G feels as though it has remained true to its founding ambitions: a feel-good, family friendly diner with tasty Americana fare. Accustomed to dropping $40 each, we thought the prices were mind-bendingly low.

Full of character and pulling inspiration from decades past, B&G is a wide-open space with booths, tables and your quintessential 50s lunch counter. Art and pop culture fixtures adorn the walls and engages customers young and old. fullsizerender-2

The centerpiece of the menu is The Bee Gee – the original restaurateur’s take on the loose meat sandwich. Unchanged since its creation, it is a simple gathering of ground beef and secret blend of spices. Ordering the standard Bee Gee means it comes adorned with mustard, onion, pickle and cheese. But it is yours to personalize, which we both did.

We noshed on an order of waffle fries while looking over the whole menu – both settling on the Bee Gee and a shared order of regular french fries. Jaclyn felt underwhelmed by hers. She thought it was bland and heavily lacking in flavor. I, on the other hand, thought the presented product was no more and no less than what it aimed to be. Having some history with trying other ‘loose meat’ sandwiches, I knew what I was biting into. I actually look forward to bringing other loose meat enthusiasts to see what they think about B&G’s offering. I’m looking at you, mom and dad.

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To wrap up our evening, Jaclyn enjoyed a Butterfinger shake and I ordered the Banana Nutella Frenchee. The dessert Frenchee comes out hot with a small side of ice cream for dipping. (Think a side of ranch for your fries…but better.) Coated in crushed graham crackers with a slice of banana dead center, the only problem I had with it was that I left the still-warm portion I wanted to take home on the counter when we left. Damn.

While Jaclyn could take it or leave it, I would recommend B&G’s for the experience and nostalgia as much as I would for the food.

Martha and Jaclyn

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