Baela Rose: Stop and Smell the Mimosas

Martha’s Pick:

Baela Rose
4919 Underwood Ave
Fare: Eclectic fine dining
Cost: $40 each for coffee, bottomless mimosas and two meals
Reservations: We made them, but ended up having the whole place to ourselves.

Greetings Eaters and Readers!

Fun fact: I am a big fan of breakfast. Every day. All day. Multiple times a day.  Whatever the case may be – I will slow down for a good breakfast.

Which lead me to send out a flare to friends and family in person but also on our Facebook page for help in hunting down some of Omaha’s best breakfasts or brunch spots. If you’re a little butthurt we didn’t go to your particular suggestion – sip your coffee and relax. I have every intention of continuing to discover O’s breakfast gems in the coming months.  The suggestions were a-plenty and in the end, Jaclyn sent me a link to a place someone told her about: Baela Rose. And I have no shame in admitting: they had me at bottomless Mimosas. Their charming website, curb appeal and trendy Dundee location didn’t hurt matters. So a few Saturdays ago, back before the sun stopped working and hope for warmer temps all but abandoned our bones, Jaclyn and I met up and chowed down.

Another fun fact: I overestimated Omaha’s shared breakfast/brunch enthusiasm and told Jac to secure us a reservation.  I had a mad case of the giggles when we walked in promptly at 11 a.m. to an empty, freshly opened restaurant and Jaclyn lead off with “Hi, we have a reservation for two but uh…we’ll just sit?” The passing employee half chuckled and confirmed that yes, we could sit wherever we wanted. We bellied up to a sunny window table and dove in. In hindsight, I think most people journey out for a big breakfast on Sundays – which we had hoped to do as well – but schedules dictated that Saturday worked best for both of us.

We both got French press coffee and bottomless mimosas. Pleasantly surprised by solo French presses for each of us (new to Jaclyn, semi-familiar to me), it was easily the smoothest coffee we’ve ever had. In order to get our money’s worth out of the $16 mimosas, we each got three. Sure, it’s just orange juice and champagne, but they sure went down easy!

Poached Eggs | $12

Jaclyn contemplated getting the French Toast, but decided to opt for something she’d not had before: poached eggs. They arrived on top of biscuits, sliced tomatoes and topped with Hollandaise — coupled with prosciutto, arugula and crispy potatoes. She really enjoyed the savory combo and decided the most delicious bites were those with a little bit of everything.

Brioche French Toast | $10

I’d like to insist you not judge my plate of Brioche French toast by the somewhat uninspiring presentation. Fun bowl aside, I admit it isn’t much to look at in picture form. But the slices are thick and warm and delicious and the hefty sausage link offers the savory balance to the sweet side of this breakfast classic. Topped with a light serving of apple jam, whipped creme fraiche and maple syrup — it was a delight to the last forkful. In the end, I was perfectly satisfied: not too full, not still hungry.

While we both felt that Baela Rose was a tad on the expensive side, it seemed worth it.  Local and fresh always is. And the passion this husband and wife duo put into their dishes is evident.  It feels like a solid, impressive place to take visiting friends and family and know you’ll find something for everyone. Maybe we’ll see you there. We’ll be the first two in the door and the last two out, shuffling a little slow and sideways out after all those mimosas.

Martha and Jaclyn

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