Lighthouse Pizza: A Beacon for Omaha Pizza Lovers

Jaclyn’s Pick:

Lighthouse Pizza
1004 S 74th St.
Fare: Pizza | Specialty Fries
Cost: $32 for 4 slices of pizza and super fries
Reservations: Not needed

Greetings Eaters and Readers!

Picking this month’s NFF went something like this:

Browse the must-try list. Scroll past Lighthouse. Go back to Lighthouse. Question when and where you heard of Lighthouse. Decide to go to Lighthouse.

Anchored on the corner of a strip mall on 74th and Pacific, Lighthouse Pizza offers “pies and fries” in both their casual interior (a simple order counter and an open industrial room of self-seating options) and for the late night slice hunters – slinging fresh pizza out of their drive thru, open until 3am on weekends.

If you take a look at their website, you’ll see how giant their slices are. Knowing this, but still wanting to explore multiple flavors for the sake of experience, we ordered four slices. Together they made one giant pizza and we knew we’d have leftovers — but we were okay with that.

We also agreed on an order of the Outlaw Super Fries. We could have done without the coleslaw that came on top, but we had no problem chowing down on the cheddar jack cheese, bbq drizzle, pulled pork and fries underneath.

Outlaw Super Fries ($5.24)

I ordered the Thai Chicken and BBQ Chicken — both on traditional crust. It’s difficult to say which one I liked more, as both were winners. But if you make me choose, the Thai Chicken gets first place. I loved the sweet chili and Thai peanut sauces drizzled on top of roast chicken, thinly shredded carrots and onions. It was a perfect blend of sweet, spicy and crunchy. The BBQ Chicken came with the typical ingredients — chicken, bacon, onions and BBQ sauce. The sauce was just sweet enough to my liking and I would easily order it again.

Each slice comes with a cup of Lighthouse sauce. We likened the flavor to a sweet vegetable ranch. And while we didn’t feel our ingredient-heavy slices needed a dip, it was perfect for the crust.

Martha wanted to create her own pizza but figured if it’s on the menu, it must be the best they have to offer. She went with one slice of the Mac & Cheese on their traditional crust and one slice of The Sparky on honey wheat crust.

For no reason other than it came to the table first, Martha tore into the Mac & Cheese. The crust cooks thin below the toppings and lets them take center stage. Martha felt this version of a modern classic was warm and creamy and balanced. Alfredo replaces the traditional red sauce and is then topped with chicken, bacon and is sprinkled with cheesy elbow mac.

If Martha feels bad about anything in regards to her Lighthouse experience, it’s that she didn’t get more out of her slice of The Sparky. The restaurant’s signature creation, Martha was too full by the time she remembered it was waiting in the wings. It has everything she usually loves in a pizza: pepperoni, sausage, cream cheese and the house Sparky’s Sauce, which offers a bit of heat that isn’t overpowering. And although she enjoyed the few bites she forced herself to have, she was a bit turned off by the greasiness. Still, on her inevitable return visit, she intends to only order one slice — and that slice will be The Sparky to give it her undivided attention.

Rating Lighthouse Pizza is an easy choice — forks up from both of us. From the plentiful options and fun flavors to the affordable prices and friendly service – Lighthouse shines on all levels.

Martha and Jaclyn

Feature image source: Food Network

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